April 24, 2024

There are very few people who are really motivated in their workplace. For most of them, going to work is a necessity and not a choice. In such cases, an employee should at least choose a job that they don’t hate. The companies also know about these facts and are coming up with new ideas to help their employees. Gamification techniques is one of the methods through which employees can be engaged and the company can benefit from increased participation and productivity. Over the last few years, the organizations have also introduced perks and unconventional benefits to increase the morale of their employees. This has led to an increase of about 12 percent in employee productivity.

In this article, we have got for you some of the best benefits given by the companies as well as a few of the quirkiest perks, that will give you enough reason to smile.

Career Progression Opportunities

Which employee will not like to have greater earnings and savings, so that he could buy a new car, or go for a holiday with his best buddies or family? Well, everyone knows that climbing the positions in the career gives the opportunity for progression and leadership development as well as enough benefits for one to reach their goals. This itself develops an undeniable motivation to work hard.

Marriott hotels who are known for their extraordinary services demonstrated an example of the positive outcome by giving monitoring software for employees training programs. This hotel group has an average of 25 years for a hotel manager and it has been seen that because of their training programs around 10,600 employees have retained that position for more than 20 years.

Another example is that of Anglian Water that has also implemented a number of training programs to meet each of its employee goals. Also, the company does make a review at regular intervals to ensure that the goals have not changed. The company also offers special external training opportunities relevant to the employee role, thus giving out a clear message that more qualifications will ultimately lead to more monetary benefits.

Benefits from the Company

Isn’t it great to receive £5,000 as a joining bonus for simply being hired? However, after three years it is highly unlikely that the money will still remain in your account. The benefits given by the companies ought to be long term and should be designed to keep the employees motivated so that they remain in the company.

Lookers, the Motability Dealers provides its employees with a full year of maternity pay. This benefit can be availed by those employees who have been with the company for more than a year’s time at the time of giving birth to the baby. According to the data, it has been seen that a child’s cognitive development takes place maximum when the parents are at home, either part-time or full time in the first year of the baby’s life. This is clearly an example of how the organization takes care of its employees by reducing the pressure from the mums who can return to work as well as focus on their new family.

Another example of benefit from the company is from the travel fare giant Skyscanner who provides global discounts to the employees on the meditation and sleep app Headspace. Skyscanner also encourages its employees to take part in their on-site mindfulness course as well as avoid any meeting on Wednesday as a part of their “Make Time Wednesday” program. By providing such opportunities to the employees the company not only gives them the opportunity for rest and relaxation but also motivates their employees to reap the benefits as well as have a less stressful work environment.

Individual Benefits

Is it not nice to be rewarded for the time and effort that an individual invests in his job? Perks are really motivating and some organizations have taken that to the extreme. The software company Huddle has shown that money can be an undeniable incentive as it offers its new joiners with a whopping £5,000 joining fee as a joining bonus – also known in the company as the Huddle Cuddle.

Another company, Peer 1 that has its office in Southampton, houses a helter-skelter, along with lush green lawns and giant swing. Not just that, they also have an office pub known as the Sherlock Arms. Similarly, the craft beer company BrewDog gives its employees an opportunity to take one week of paid leave, to help their dogs settle into their homes.

All these perks might sound as light-hearted, but without doubt, can help to overcome the stress at the working environment. And less stress is always good for an individual.

Thus, Monday mornings need not be like someone’s forcing you to be at work. If you are at work and are surrounded by pubs, dogs and positive energy, then surely that makes a lot of difference, isn’t it? It is proven that employee motivation is important for an organization’s success and many companies are using it to reap the benefits. The companies are providing motivation to their employees to work hard and remain with them by helping them to set their goals as well as by reducing monetary worries after the birth of babies, etc.

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