July 15, 2024

Mental Health and Suicide- A Matter of Concern

No matter where you live or what you do, the word suicide will definitely hit you hard. Losing a loved one to suicide is not only painful but also an eye-opener. Many people discover quite a few things about the deceased only after the painful incident. A person takes such a decision only when he or she can no longer bear the painful situation. The native american mental health statistics shows that mental pain often pushes people towards this extreme point. The numbers of suicides are increasing day by day all around the world. It has become a necessity to focus on mental health to save people from going to such an extent that they choose to kill themselves. For years people never actually considered mental issues to be normal and everyone tried to hide them as much as possible. Keeping the painful things hidden often push people to the ultimate end. The only way to deal with increasing suicide is to focus on the root of the problems.

The solution

It is necessary for people to open up about things that they are going through. People suffering from mental issues often try to hide it from others. Encouraging them to open up about their situation is a necessary thing to do. Professionals know exactly how to break this very barrier and reach the mind of the patients. professional help can bring people out of the mental pain and prevent them from choosing death. If the mental situation is related to substance abuse as well, it is important to treat it as well and increase awareness about it. Successfully treating both these things will help to save a lot more people from suicide. We can stop our loved ones from leaving us forever with the help of treatment and awareness.