July 20, 2024


Ogunquit is a beautiful coastal city in York County, Maine. Known by its motto “a beautiful place by the sea”, the city is a popular summer resort destination for residents of nearby cities and states. Ogunquit is located along the Ogunquit River in the southern part of the state. The city is known for its considerable gay and lesbian population, with a high concentration of LGBT-oriented businesses in the Village located at the intersection between Shore Road and Main Street. With beautiful sandy beaches, a festive atmosphere and excellent accommodations, Ogunquit welcome thousands, if not millions of summer vacationers into its shores every year.

Exploring the City

With an area of 4.3 miles, Ogunquit is a relatively compact city that is easily explored on foot. In fact, it is considered as the most “walkable” community in the state and there usually is no need for a vehicle to get around. From the downtown shopping area, follow the city’s famous Marginal Way, a neatly paved quarter-mile-long trail that leads to the old fishing village which now houses shops selling jewelry, trinkets, and clothing. This trail also offers great views of the coast. You can also take the Ogunquit Trolley which travels along Route 1 and on through Shore Road until it reaches the beach. Tourists often stay in beach areas.

Things to Do

Being in a beach city, swimming is a popular activity in Ogunquit during the summer. Winter, however, makes the ocean very cold so if you’d like to take a dip during this season, do so at your own risk. The waters are also great venues for surfing. Deep-sea fishing is also a must-try for those who want to catch some of the marine life abundant in the area. Beach volleyball and Frisbee are popular pastimes out of the water. Or you can just read a good book or build sandcastles as you watch the world go by. The beach has been witness to endless stunning sunsets that you can also behold. Shopping in any of the quaint stores in the city is also a must-do during your visit. Book your Ogunquit Hotels with Reservations.com.

Entertainment and Nightlife

Ogunquit is just as alive at night as it is by day. Before you venture out though, it is important to understand that most of the nightspots in the city are frequented by members of the LGBT community so best be open-minded. After a festive dinner in any of the restaurants in the city, you can either head to theatres or bars that dot the downtown area. There are several playhouses where you can catch a show; there are even some that you can take children to. The Beach Fire Bar & Grill is a popular place for drinks, good food, and live entertainment during weekends. If you’ve put on your dancing shoes, head to Maine Street. Expect parking difficulties and a large LGBT crowd in this bar. Other great nightspots are The Front Porch and Katie’s on Shore Road.

Best Dining Spots

There are plenty of great dining venues in the area, most of them offering fresh seafood from the day’s catch. Footbridge Lobster, Lobster Shack, and Beach Plum Lobster Farm are three of the best and most popular seafood places in the city. There are also some good Italian places like Angelina’s Ristorante & Wine, Caffe Prego and Roberto’s that serve delicious pizza and pasta. Other great dining places in the city include La Pizzeria, Cove Café, and Five-O Shore Road, the last one being a hopping night spot as well.