November 29, 2023

Everybody knows about white pearls because that is what we have seen since ages. Cultivated pearls have advanced a lot with different shades and sizes. Not everyone has to stick to white pearls, but they can select shades like Golden color South Sea pearls, black or Tahitian pearls or Akoya pink shaded pearls, that suits their complexion.

Pink pearls are obtained from queen conch and therefore it very rare and expensive. Thus, for commercial purpose, pink dyed pearls are used commonly. You can get more information on pink pearls online through various search engines. However, PearlsOnly not only provides various stylish pearl jewelry of different shades and sizes, but it also provides information on them and proper guidance to wear them. It is an Australian Company that has been in pearl business for the last 16 years.

Here are some facts about pink pearls –

  • Pink pearls work magically when bright light or fair complexion reflects on it. Hence, pink pearls suit not only fair complexion, but women with light, blonde or dark brown hair.
  • Pink pearls have golden nacre which makes yellow gold metal to blend with it better than white silver metal.
  • White pearl is a symbol of feminism and romance, but pink pearls are perfect for young age due to its warm color. Therefore, it can be a good graduation gift or a sixteenth birthday gift.
  • The size of stud depends upon your facial cut. Due to its warm color that blends well with all complexions, you can wear it with all attires in all occasions.
  • If you’re wearing a heavy necklace for a formal event, then keep your pink pearl earring small and elegant to keep all eyes on your neck.
  • Even if your pearls are contrasted to your attire, match it with your nail paint to balance it completely.
  • When accessorizing, ensure that all your jewelry that is, necklace or pendant, earrings, bracelet, and rings are of the same shade and similar pearls.
  • If you’re wearing pink pearls, then use pearl shaded makeup that blends well with your accessories. This way when reflection falls on your face and pearl, they look great.

Now that you know the correct way of wearing pink pearls, explore different shades of pink to know which one suit you better.

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