July 22, 2024

Machetes have been in the market for quite some time now and the manufacturers around the world have seen an increase in sales in recent time for the huge variance of uses it proposes. Machetes were basically originated from Spain and have traveled all through the globe to be used as mostly a weapon but also for the purpose of agriculture.

There can be various types of machetes as in today’s world. Let’s look at that variance it has to offer:


Kukri is a machete that has been in use for over 300 years. It is mostly a strong wooden handle along with an extremely sharp and precise blade. It is slightly bent to serve its purposes. The blade is generally made in Nepal and is an extremely handy machete.

Though it is mostly used as a weapon which slits skin and bone efficiently it is now turning a major souvenir from Nepal. Nepal is indeed the best place to find the Best Kukri in the world as they are the most resourcefully made.

Survival Machetes

These machetes can be regarded as one of the most commonly found weapons amongst the campers. They are extremely handy and serve a variety of purposes. Mostly made up of strong and durable steel, survival machetes have serrated edges giving it the extra edge of being able to cut through almost all items.

They are mostly small and compact which very easily fits in a pouch or at times on the belt. Though mostly used a domestic weapon they do possess the ability to be used for self-defense.


Combat Machete

Specifically designed for the purpose of combat and significantly used by those who exercise this art, this machete is an overall win in all true sense. Extremely compact they have an appearance of terror.

The super sleek and sharp blade makes it all more efficient in the process of combat. This machete has serrated edges and extremely handy handle which allows the pupils to hold it with complete ease. Mostly kept near the belt, it holds the power of a single stroke kill. It is extremely resourceful in its genre.


Completely unlike the Kukri of Nepal, Golok is a machete which is mostly used by farmers to execute the process of farming. It has blades which can be sharpened. The handle is a wooden one lightweight which allows the entire weight to be on the blade. It is available in a variety of sizes depending on which specific agricultural work you are getting it for.

There can be various more types of machetes available in the market as of today, however, with wisdom and knowledge, you can select the best kukri as per your requirement. The purpose of this weapon has been diversified so much that it is now often regarded as a household weapon.