September 26, 2023

The SATs is perhaps the most critical competitive examination which an aspiring student must prepare for in order to gain admission in a well-reputed university with the United States of America. The examination constitutes a series of tests where students are marked on their ability in reading, writing, and solving mathematical equations.

More than 2 million students every year prepare for the SATs in order to crack the exam and get admission in a reputed college. Therefore it is essential that the students get the perfect environment to study and prepare for the examination to the best of their ability as their future consequently depends on it. However, we make common mistakes which may affect our SAT test prep adversely.

Let us now identify and analyze some of these common mistakes which we all should look to avoid while preparing for the SAT exams:

Skipping Questions

It is often recorded that students under pressure of the current examination set up tend to skip even the easiest of questions. It is necessary that all applicants read the question carefully and eliminate the most apparent incorrect option first. Logical guessing is something which we all must practice. So spend some time with a specific problem and give yourself the opportunity to solve it within a specific time period. Back your reasoning ability and try not to skip most of the questions.

Excessive Preparation

Knowing where to draw the line is perhaps as important as planning your study schedule. Most of the students then to over-prepare for the examination, which eventually leads to more confusion. There is only so much a student can do so it is critical that you rely on the things which you already know. Trying a bit too hard can hurt your overall confidence. Therefore, learn to take some time off and reflect on the things which you have already learned about.

Do not skip the Optional essay Question

The essay type question even though optional, must not be skipped by any student. It will help the applicant to gain experience by writing professional college level articles which they can learn from in the future. Also attempting the question helps to create a favorable image of the student in the eyes of the examiner. So be sure to attempt your essay type question as will help your overall scores in the long run.

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