July 15, 2024

Wine, the very delightful alcohol, tastes best when cooled properly. Keeping wine in a refrigerator is not only about preserving it, but also about enhancing the flavor of the drink. A wine subjected to wrong temperatures is also likely to lose its aroma. Especially when you are getting one for commercial purpose, you must take care of the wine you are looking forward to serving.

So you know all about your wines, and you are considering a wine refrigerator or a set of wine cellars for your new bar business, but your knowledge in that area is limited. Whether you are in need for professional refrigerators or you are just going to turn that age-old garage into a fun zone, there are several things you need to consider before getting some cooling done for your wines. Below is some insightful information about the different types of wine coolers available out there.

Single Zone

If you are the kind who always stays loyal to the one kind of wine, this is the cooler for you. Single zone coolers allow for only one temperature to be maintained across the appliance. This is a cheap option and works great to store all of your red wine or all of your white wine.

Dual Zone

For someone who has a good knowledge of the temperatures, different wines need, the dual zone would be a more compatible option. As red and white wines are supposed to be cooled at various degrees, dual zone wine cooler allows you to do just that. It is relatively heavy on the pocket but does make the wine lover in you very happy.

Under Counter With A Prep Table

These type of wine coolers are based on the kind of space you have in your kitchen and the amount of space that you want to sacrifice for a wine refrigerator. An under counter fridge with a prep table top is an inexpensive built-in storage option for your large collection of wine when you cannot afford to keep a wine cellar at your commercial space. It is easily maintained and does vibration free cooling.



Tall wine refrigerators again fall in the category of space availability. These are a more glamorous and elegant option for the wine lovers who would also like to add some bold style to their kitchen space. These free-standing type of coolers usually come in compact designs and do not demand much of your floor area.