June 25, 2024

Reasons Why Air Source Heat Pumps are Better than Geothermal Heat Pumps

There are two types of heat pumps that are available. One is geothermal heat pumps and another is air source heat pumps. In this guide, we will see which one is better. There are many private homes where an air source heat pump system provides the best value, efficacy, and comfort. Apart from all of that, air to air heat pump technology has become very popular these days. Besides that, there is a minimal difference between the efficiency of a geothermal and air source heat pump. In a geothermal heat pump system, the maintenance is a bit challenging because there is a need to dig the underground since the system is underground built. So, an air source heat pump is a less expensive and easy way to make the home more comfortable than the geothermal method in which the lawn needs to be dug.

Reducing –

The geothermal heating system is one of the best choices for homes that are over 5000 sq. Ft or for a large industrial building. Many people also want to know why heat pumps are more efficacious. So, one of the reasons contributing the same is that heat pumps transfer the heat that is already present in the atmosphere. And, in transferring the heat energy it doesn’t require too much electricity as producing it. One of the things that you should know about heat pumps is that they are very energy efficient. The department of energy suggests that installing an air source heat pump can reduce your electric bill and can make half. If you go to compare it with baseboard heaters and furnaces it is much better.

Energy Efficient –

When heating your home, the most important reason why heat pumps do not create heat at all, instead they will re-transfer the heat that is already there in the air. Besides that, transferring the energy which is in the form of heat do not require as much electricity as making it or creating it, so heat pumps keep all the rooms in the house very cool and comfortable, and that too for a lesser energy cost. The lower utility bill is another reason for getting an energy-efficient heat pump system. In the US for example, the traditional HVAC system causes 32{349ed8d8a57edfeb5ac72e95180cc3fb6904e7d9231c91bfd8d77d3c7d2f15ac} of the greenhouse gas emission and is responsible for more than 36{349ed8d8a57edfeb5ac72e95180cc3fb6904e7d9231c91bfd8d77d3c7d2f15ac} State’s energy consumption. So, choosing a heat pump system is much better instead.