June 25, 2024

The Differences Between Lip Tie and Tongue Tie

Lip ties and Tongue ties are oral health problems faced by newborn babies. It needs extra care and a visit to the best pediatric dentist nearby to treat this health problem easily. However, a parent needs to know about both the oral health issues that need to be treated soon.

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The cause:

In medical terms, it is known as Ankyloglossia in which the membrane connecting the tongue and mouth seems to be deformed, quite thick or short. Sometimes the posterior tongue tie where the membrane is present back in the mouth may create problems as it can’t be identified easily.


Kids having this dental problem are unable to swallow food properly and it can even affect their speech. The causes of the dental problem are still unknown fortunately there are effective treatments to solve this problem for kids.

Lip Tie:

The cause:

It is even known as Tight Labial Frenulum. In this dental issue, the connecting membrane of lips and gums seems to be deformed. It causes lots of problems like improper tooth development in babies. The soft membrane present behind the upper lip tightly gets attached to the upper jaw.


That results in restriction of movement of the lip. The alignment of the teeth won’t be proper as the thick membrane protrudes till the ridge of the upper gums where the tooth emerges out. The signs are surplus clicking sounds and drooling while nursing the baby. There are high chances of milk tooth decay that need a regular visits to a pediatric dentist near me. Most often food particles get stuck inside the space between the lips and the gums.

The main cause may be genetics however it isn’t identified as fully responsible for lip ties and tongue ties in babies. Both these dental problems in babies are painless, but if left untreated there may be complications in the future. Many times parents are unable to identify the signs of both the dental problems experienced by the babies.

The major signs:

– Unable to latch the nipple while breastfeeding. The baby is unable to have proper breastfeed because of the ridge in the gum.

– They can choke and spit out milk and have trouble breathing while feeding. Eventually, the baby’s feeding reduces and other health complications arise like weight loss and the mother experiencing breast problems because of being unable to empty the milk fully.

– Untreated lip tie problem leads to a gap between front teeth, there may be loss of gum tissue or the babies will face gum problems in their early childhood.

– The baby will be unable to move the tongue from side to side. The tongue isn’t able to reach out to the roof of the mouth and cannot move beyond the teeth. These restrictions experienced by tongue lead to problems in speaking clearly.

Parents residing in Texas, after noticing these signs can visit a skilled Cypress TX pediatric dentist specializing in treating lip tie and tongue tie successfully. Frenectomy is one of the treatment mediums that has proven helpful in solving this kind of oral health problem. It is a laser treatment that is a quick process and effective.

Many times parents face problems when their children refuse to visit a pediatric dentist near me. They are unable to keep them stress-free or curb their tantrums in the dental clinic. Fortunately, there are many ways to overcome your kid’s dental anxiety.

Tips to lessen the fear of your child while visiting a pediatric dentist:

– You can start regular dental visits when they are toddlers. Pediatric dentists suggest dental check-ups should start as soon as the emergence of teeth of your kid. That helps to check the gums, teething and thumb-sucking problems.

– You need to explain your child about the dental health problems and their negative effects. They will understand that a dentist only can solve oral health problems, thus won’t shy away.

– You can illustrate to them the importance of dental checkups by familiarizing them by showing videos of cartoon characters visiting dentists. It will kindle their interest and next time won’t deny visiting pediatric dentist.

– It is beneficial to consult a skilled pediatric dentist instead of general dental doctors as they have experience in making children comfortable in the dental care unit. They are trained to make their tiny tot patients feel stress-free while sitting on the dental chair. Their waiting rooms are kids-friendly thus your child won’t feel fear of entering an unknown place.

– Make them relax and let them bring their favorite toys to reduce tension.

Your child needs to learn the right ways to take care of their oral health. Your pediatric dentist is the right person to help them understand its importance and make them learn the steps involved to maintain the hygiene of oral health properly.

Thanks, to a skilled pediatric dentist and advanced dental medical science that has helped to treat lip tie and tongue tie with ease.