July 19, 2024

Sali Kimi is a trendsetter and retro fashion enthusiast. Her Instagram features clothing that pays tribute to the 1990’s iconic styles. Sali is an expert thrifter, shopping at various vintage boutiques, and scoring cool clothing like retro full-sized jackets in bright bold colors. Retro styles have become the new must-have fashion aesthetic; chunky sole shoes, boots, and sandals. Sali wears these retro or vintage styles in the most modern and interesting ways. Her style is inspiring and sustainable, which is all the rage in the fashion industry today.

The beauty of Sali Kimi’s fashion sense is that nothing is sacrificed. Her choices in clothing and styling inspire people to appreciate the trends and form a look that will last throughout the ages. New York City is the fashion capital of America, so Sali Kimi will never be shy of material to feature online and model. Her pictures are featured on various social media outlets, which fuel her fashion-forward drive to capture the 1990’s in a fun and approachable way. Sali Kimi has only begun to pave the way for other retro and vintage fashion lovers to make their mark in the industry.