July 20, 2024

The Advantages of Outsourcing 3D Printing Service

Outsourcing 3D printing service helps you cut the cost of manufacturing while reducing the management oversight burden. However, it requires careful analysis to select the right outsourcing partner. The cost of 3D printing is higher per part, and it can take longer to complete a project. It might be better to wait when your design is further along in CAD to avoid delays. In addition, the procurement process may be a further roadblock.

Reduces manufacturing burden

Outsourcing 3D printing service has numerous benefits for manufacturers, particularly small ones. It can significantly speed up the product development process. In the design phase, businesses create basic mock-ups and then send them to a 3D printing service provider who refines them into working prototypes.

Outsourcing 3D printing service allows manufacturers to reduce their costs by eliminating inventory. Many industries maintain inventories of spare parts, which is an expensive expenditure. However, with 3D printing, manufacturers can create spare parts on demand, reducing the number of parts stored and reducing inventory costs. This approach also facilitates distributed manufacturing, enabling OEMs to set up AM facilities in local locations, which speeds up delivery and lowers logistical costs.

Reduces development time lag

Outsourcing 3D printing services can reduce the time and money needed to create custom parts. This technology allows a design team to create prototypes in a short time. This eliminates the need for engineers to redraw or redesign a design. Outsourcing your 3D printing needs also saves your company money.

Outsourcing a 3D printing service can also help you establish a just-in-time production cycle, which is especially appealing for manufacturers who manufacture small batches of products. You can scale up or down your production as necessary. Furthermore, every part can be fully customized, with costs coming only during post-processing.


Outsourcing 3D printing is also an eco-friendly option. The process generates little waste and only uses the materials necessary for the product. Additionally, you can reduce transportation expenses. In contrast, traditional manufacturing processes require a large amount of material, which can be expensive to transport. Outsourcing 3D printing saves fuel, which is great news for the environment.

Short-Run Manufacturing

Outsourcing 3D printing services allow you to produce small batches of high-quality parts quickly and inexpensively. This technology enables companies to customize products based on the needs of end users. The process also allows companies to locate a 3D printer at the final destination, such as a factory or maintenance department. This will enable them to produce spare parts quickly and easily and lower the logistical challenges associated with ordering complex parts.

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