May 25, 2024

Things Businesses Need to Know Before Using WeChat Work

The continuous development of communication technologies paved the way for efficient and better consumption of these tools. WeChat is among the products of constant innovations. This China-based instant messaging (IM) application is used globally by nearly 1.5 million unique users monthly this 2022. Such statistical figures prove how popular it is to the people.

Given the number, more businesses aim to integrate WeChat into their operations. Thankfully, the app has a dedicated work platform called WeChat Work. Enterprises can use the software to connect with Chinese clients in mainland China. However, such comes with policies that organizations must comply with.

More specifically, these are the important things every business must learn before integrating WeChat Work:

Registration Policies for Foreign Telemarketers

WeChat Work is downloadable and free to use for any business. It has various sets of features to simplify business processes. Through this app, enterprises can integrate third-party applications, including customer relationship management or CRM. Despite this, international companies must secure themselves with a Mainland Chinese business license to register up to five accounts annually.

Seamless Operations

IM apps are good communication channels to act immediately with customer inquiries. Quick responses are critical for the business’ customer retention initiative. WeChat Work can help sales agents to communicate with users. As mentioned above, the app has options making this nonetheless possible.

Conform to Regulatory Standards

WeChat Work encrypts messages end-to-end, disallowing third parties from monitoring the communication exchanges between the business and consumers. This feature is indeed crucial, especially for private individuals. However, it also has a disadvantage, particularly giving fraudsters and other cybercriminals room to perform illicit activities freely and without leaving any trace.

Regulatory commissions also ask companies using WeChat and other IM apps to capture and record messages relayed upon these platforms. Delinquent organizations might face hefty fines and legal lawsuits if proven guilty during investigations. If a data breach occurs, the penalties become bigger. Fulfilling WeChat compliance can come with investing in a trusted archiving solution. Mobile archiving automates the process for a more convenient approach to this operation.

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