July 22, 2024

In the Asian culture, death symbolises a significant concept. Two of the good examples to back up this are Taoism and Buddhism. The two religions place a great emphasis on their funeral customs and rites. However, Buddhist and Taoist funeral in Singapore differs from each other.

To learn their differences, here’s how people hold Taoist and Buddhist funeral services in Singapore.


The afterlife views in Buddhism believe that Buddhists reincarnate depending on their sins and deeds, or so they call karma. If the person committed good actions in their previous life, they could achieve Nirvana.

On the other hand, Taoist funeral services in Singaporebelieve in the immortality of the soul. When a person dies, their soul moves and gets ushered by the black and white ghost. If, unfortunately, they had sinful deeds, they may reincarnate into an animal, insect, or a less unfortunate family.


The Buddhism scriptures focus on reducing the karmas of the dead and helping their soul attain Nirvana. Generally, Buddhist monks chant sutras during Buddhist funeral services in Singapore.

While Taoist scriptures are for helping the dead repent their sins and ask for forgiveness. For a Taoist funeral in Singapore, their priests officiate the prayers and ceremony.


Taoist funeral ceremonies in Singaporeallow funeral-goers to be more loud and expressive when grieving until the casket gets shut, closed, and nailed down.

Buddhist funeral services in Singapore are quieter and lower when mourning and during the ceremony. Their funeral is much cheaper in price as well.

Although Buddhist and Taoist funeral ceremonies in Singapore have differences, they also have some similarities, such as their 49-day mourning period, children having a 100-day mourning period, paper offerings, and wearing red in the ceremony. In addition, they both have the same motive, to bring respect to the dead.

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