May 25, 2024

That premonition in the pit of your stomach is very genuine – your gut is delicate to feelings like outrage, uneasiness, bitterness, and bliss – and your mind can respond to signals from your stomach.

According to the American Psychology Association, our Human gut is actually considered to be a “Second Brain” and it is the only system in your body to have its own independent nervous system.

Researchers have now concluded that good health may extend to improve the health of your brain and digestion.

What exactly is Gut?

The gut includes organs which are involved in the digestion process. The lining of your gut is known as “the second brain”. You gut involves organs like esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine, gallbladder, liver, and pancreas.

The gut and brain are connected in two ways: physically and mentally.

Physically, the vagus nerves which control messages to the gut as well as the heart, lungs, and other vital organs is the guts direct connection to the brain.

Chemically, Messengers like neurotransmitters and hormones connects the gut and the brain.

But, how is Gut Health connected with our Mental Health?

During the stress, you may experience a hustle in your tummy too; well that is how they are connected to each other!! Having uneasiness and wretchedness can cause changes in the gut smaller scale biome because of what occurs in the body when it has a pressure reaction.

Researchers have shown that any changes or disruption in the immune system can lead to increased inflammation of the GI tract in turn leading to the development of symptoms of disease which can affect your brain and the body.

This needs to be taken care of right from the first day of your life i.e. in your mother’s womb. Severe infections can negatively affect the GI tract, disrupting the gut-brain axis and thus, interfering with normal brain development.

Hence, it is important to have a normal diet.

Tips to take care of your Gut

1. Eating a nutritious and a balanced meal is a key to have positive gut health.

2. Include fibre in your diet like whole grains, pulses, vegetables, etc.

3. Add more bacteria in your diet. Probiotics are live bacteria in your gut which when had in an appropriate manner daily, can help improve your gut health.

4. The types and amounts of bacteria in probiotics vary, and when foods are heated the bacteria often die. Hence, advisable to consume probiotic supplement which is made using multiple strains of bacteria and contains prebiotics (food for the probiotics).

5. Avoid excessive use of antibiotics unless your doctor recommends you to take it. Antibiotics kill bad bacteria, but also kill the good bacterium that keeps your gut working properly.

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