July 20, 2024

Over the past few years, candles have undergone a massive transformation. Many years ago, candles were a necessity for when power cuts were a frequent occurrence and they were needed as a light source, whereas now, they are a hugely indulgent and luxury item. From being lit for cultural reasons to being used as a home decor piece, candles have come a long way and have transformed massively.

There is a lot of research that has found that specific scents and fragrances play a huge role when it comes to lifting your mood and some studies have found that essential oils have certain anti-bacterial and anti-viral that can help you to keep your home germ-free.

Nothing beats the simple pleasure of lighting a candle with a soothing smell, whilst enjoying a drink or watching a film and candles help to set the ambiance for a relaxing evening. When it comes to using candles around the house, there are some things to keep in mind when choosing scents and deciding on their purpose.

Candles in home decor

Candles seem to, somehow, complete a space and make it much more welcoming. You can line up a few small ones on a hallway sideboard, choose larger ones as a focal point or ones at different heights to put in stylish holders. There are plenty of different things you can do and ways you can style them, so there really are no restrictions when it comes to candles! When placing candles on wooden luxury coffee tablesor designer furniture, be sure to use a protective dish or plate underneath to stop burns and damaging wax drips.

Using candles in the kitchen

In the kitchen, you should pick light and refreshing fragrances that will get rid of unwanted smells and leave your kitchen smelling fresh and clean. You can also use them in the dining area and as a centerpiece on a table for your next dinner with family or friends. If you want to create a classy look for your table, there’s nothing better than a mixture of short and tall candles combined with small flowers and pieces of greenery.

Creating a relaxing bedroom

Your bedroom should be your haven and a place for relaxation, so it essential that you pick a candle fragrance that is soothing and helps you relax almost instantly. Candles play a big role when it comes to affecting your mood and after the stressful and unsettling year most of us have had, having a few soothing candles around the bedroom is essential in keeping calm and relaxed. Cherry blossom and honeysuckle are great scents for a relaxing bedroom.

Adding candles to the bathroom

When done right, adding candles in the bathroom can transform it into a beautiful and relaxing space. We all like to relax every now and then and by lighting a soothing candle whilst you have a shower or bath can make a huge difference. When adding candles to a bathroom, consider scents such as eucalyptus, blackberry, and rose.