June 2, 2023

There are many people who are raising funds for the Handicapped Sports Fund. This is a fund that is committed to playing sports structurally possible for everyone with a disability, to quantitatively and qualitatively improve the sports that are offered to those that are handicapped. These funds can also call more attention to the sports of disabled people.

The goal

The goal is to use sports as well as adventure activities to enhance, motivate, inspire and build confidence and add to the self-belief for people with handicaps or disabilities.

Funds for

This fund has been started by Marcel Van Hooijdonk as he believes that this is an important charity to help to raise funds for. There are more handicapped individuals today with many confined to wheelchairs for the rest of their lives. This is due to the many service people who have been injured in wars still going on in the Middle East. Battlefield medicine has learned much about saving the lives of these warriors, but they still are often left with many handicaps. Often to save their life the decisions must be made to amputate arms or legs.

Opens the world

These funds are used to secure sporting equipment that allows these people with handicaps or disabilities the chance to experience the freedom to enjoy the environment, and independence as well as the adrenalin that being active brings.

Inspire and motivate

This money can be used for these people to get involved in various handicap sports and be inspired and motivated. Some of these sports include scuba diving, water skiing, para-gliding or off-road hand-cycling so they can continue to be active. Some even mountain-climb and there are other adventurous activities such as this as well as wheelchair basketball.


But none of this can be available if it is not for good people who contribute to funds like this one, that gives these athletes the equipment and the training that they need to continue to live a full life.

Make a difference

Make a difference today! It can be through donating, volunteering or using social media to motivate and inspire others to get involved. Together all these are valuable contributions to those who otherwise would not live an active life.

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